The University of Washington career center held an etiquette dinner last night sponsored by several local companies who recruit on campus. I went and sat at a table sponsored by Weyerhaeuser. Growing up thinking that Weyerhaeuser was just the name a really big pool (the king country aquatic center) made it quite a surprise for me to learn that the company also boasts over 3000 employees, and owns a company in Hawaii that creates the boxes Doll uses to ship their Pineapples.

Other good things to know: cut your cherry tomato carefully, so as not to squirt the person next to you, and if you take a bite of meat with a chunk of fat in it, don’t spit it onto the table. Rather, casually spit into your napkin and ask the server for a new one (making sure to ball up the chunk of animal fat so that it doesn’t spill when you hand over the old napkin.)

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